Copyright and Rights of the Producers of A Database

The site www.calmingescape.com is both copyright-protected and a database on which Calming Escape has author and producer rights. The texts, layout, images, photos, films, graphics, and other elements of this site are protected by copyright. Any copy, adaptation, modification, translation, arrangement, public announcement, rental or other forms of exploitation of the entire site or part of this site, under any form and by any means, either electronic, mechanical or other means, is strictly prohibited, except in case of prior and written permission by Calming Escape. The contents of the database are protected by the sui generis right which allows the producer to prohibit any query and/or reuse of the entire contents or part of this contents. Any violation of these rights may be prosecuted.

Trademarks and Names

The names, logos, and other marks used on this site, these are the logo and the name of Calming Escape, are trademarks and/or names that are legally protected. Any use of these and or similar marks is strictly prohibited without prior and written notice by Calming Escape.

Liability for the Contents

Calming Escape meticulously designs and keeps up to date this site. However, Calming Escape cannot guarantee the correctness of the information on this site. The user should be aware of the fact that the information may be modified without prior notice. Calming Escape can by no means be held responsible for the contents of this site or for its use. Calming Escape cannot by any means be held responsible for the contents and the existence of other, hyperlinked sites.

Health Disclaimer

The information contained on this website or any channels of communication by Calming Escape is metaphysical in nature and does not claim to heal or cure, and should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine.

If you have a serious medical issue, you should consult with your own doctor and/or other appropriate licensed healthcare professional to devise a treatment plan that will work for you and your medical needs.

Using crystals and stones as part of a holistic approach to wellness is a personal decision. Any purchase made at Calming Escape is based on your own freedom of choice and therefore, relieves Calming Escape from any liabilities of medical responsibility.

While it is historically and widely believed that crystals and gemstones have healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, this does not guarantee that you will personally experience or benefit from such properties or products sold by Calming Escape.

Please note that all material provided by Calming Escape is not intended to be taken as medical advice. It simply expresses the opinions of those here at Calming Escape, based on our own personal beliefs, experiences, and our extensive research.

Any information received from Calming Escape should be received and understood in the above context.

Privacy Statement

Calming Escape acknowledges the importance of protecting personal information and data. For us, this entails a commitment to respect privacy and comply with the applicable practices for collecting, keeping, and using personal information and data.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personal information, such as names, addresses and email addresses, is collected only when it is voluntarily passed on to us. You will always be notified about how we will use this information. Most services do not demand any form of registration. You can accordingly visit our site without telling us who you are. However, registration may be demanded for a number of services. When you register with us, you may have to fill out certain fields (some of which are compulsory and some optional) and you may have to enter a user name and a password. If in this case you choose not to provide the personal data requested by us, you will probably not be given access to certain parts of the website and we will be unable to answer your question.

Right of Access

You have the right to access and correct your personal data or have them deleted at your request by sending an email. We endeavour to ensure that personal data are always up to date, accurate and complete.

Shared Data

Some Calming Escape websites place packets of data on your computer when you visit them. These packets of data are known as cookies. If a user returns to the same website later, the cookies are transmitted back to that and only that website. Cookies tell us how and when certain pages on our website are visited and by how many people. The goal is to use this information to improve our websites.

Links to other websites

Our website contains links to other websites. We cannot accept responsibility for the content of non Calming Escape websites.
Effective Date: October 19, 2020
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