Our order processing will be unaffected by Covid-19, as we are a husband and wife team who work from home. We maintain a clean and sterile environment for all merchandise. The only effect that Covid-19 could have with us are delays with carriers that are delivering your packages.

Customer Account

Yes, we require all customers to create an account to ensure the best experience and accuracy for all orders placed.
Yes, please contact us to make that request. However, we cannot retrieve any transaction history or user information after the account is terminated.

Shopping Online

No, all orders must be completed online using a Calming Escape account. This is important for your security of your payment information and also accuracy of orders.
In addition to using your PayPal and Stripe balance, you can use most major credit cards that are processed through PayPal and Stripe.
Collecting taxes from customers is required by Texas law if a customer is a Texas resident. We cannot tax customers outside of our state.
We will never store your credit card information directly on our website. All customers can choose to save their payment settings with the payment provider they choose, such as PayPal or Stripe. This ensures your payment information is secure and safe. You will never be charged without placing the order yourself.
We currently process all orders within 2-3 business days. This is in addition to the shipping time. If there is a delay in your order processing, we will be sure to notify you.
When we sell out items of a specific design or size, it will show “Out of Stock.” We will work on restocking our inventory, but we cannot commit to a time frame of when it will be available again. We could be low on resources or certain materials may no longer be obtained.

Coupons and Rewards

All you need to know about the Loyalty Rewards Program is on the Rewards page.
You can use your points on the View Cart and Checkout pages.
You can use as little as 5 points to everything you have earned.
Yes, you can stack valid coupon codes.
Yes, you can use a valid coupon code and still apply your earned points during checkout.
Our coupon discounts are always applied before Reward Points. This maximizes your savings when combined.
Not at this time, but perhaps in the future. We currently offer Referral Bonus Points in our Loyalty Rewards Program though.
No. We’re a very small business and do not have the capacity for that at this time.

Shipping & Tracking

All items will be placed inside an organza bag and safely protected inside our custom designed packaging box before being placed into a padded envelope.
Yes, free shipping is available on any order of $75 or more after any applicable discounts have been applied.
At this time, we are only accepting orders from within the United States. We do have an interest in accepting orders from other countries in the future, but the high cost of shipping is currently preventing us from pursuing that option.
The majority of our shipping will be through USPS, so shipping to PO/APO/AE box is not a problem.
Standard first class shipping via USPS to most locations in the US can be as little as 2-3 business days. Some locations are harder to reach and can take up to 5 business days. Your tracking information will provide the exact date when your order is shipped. Please consider there may be delays with the carriers due to Covid-19.
No, not at this time.
When your order is processed and handed over to USPS, the tracking information will be emailed to you automatically. A tracking code will then be provided and you can check online at any time to see updates.
Best thing to do is contact USPS directly. Once it is in shipment, the carrier has responsibility for delivery. From personal experience, giving them an extra 24 hours to locate and deliver it is usually all it takes.

Returns, Refunds, Cancellations

There are no returns or refunds on any order. Reach out if you have a concern for exceptions.
There are no exchanges of items. All sales are final.
Orders can be canceled BEFORE shipping has been paid for by us to the carriers. You may often have less than 24 hours.
It may be possible. Please reach out within 24 hours of placing your order, because once payment is made to the carrier, we cannot make changes. However, we cannot guarantee that the order has not already been processed within the 24-hour window.


Traditionally, mala beads are necklaces made with 108 beads and are hand-knotted between each one. They also usually have a guru bead and a tassel or charm. Mala beads are commonly used during meditation to help keep count while saying mantras. Though, some people prefer to use them in a less formal way and simply wear them to embrace the metaphysical properties of the stones used in the mala necklace.
We have provided well-known metaphysical properties for the crystals used in our malas on the product pages. Knowing your personal situation and what phase you are in at this moment will help you decide what healing energy would be best for you. If that seems too tedious or you are scared you might make the wrong choice, it’s as simple as using your intuition. Browse through our selection of necklaces and bracelets and chances are whatever calls out to you is exactly what you need right now.
Not at this time. We are focused on creating a repeatable design that will resonate with most customers to streamline our crafting process. Creating custom malas requires much more time and creates delays in our crafting process.
During the process of getting your order together, we take a moment to light some sage, incense or palo santo and cleanse your jewelry before placing them into the box. This is to clear any energy that might be lingering around and to provide you with a fresh and vibrant piece of jewelry ready to support you on your journey.
That’s hard to say. Since all monitors and mobile devices are different in color and light settings, what you see on the screen may vary from the actual product. We do our best to provide photos consistent with the colors we see in person, but there may be some variance.
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